JBJ Picotopes

Welcome to Jbj Picotope  website,  A Resource for Picotopes, Aquariums, and other products.  With a price match Policy that will leave ya swimming!

 JBJ Picotope a small aquarium with all the fixins including lighting and filtration for your fish and corals!!. Be sure to see our huge selection of freshwater and saltwater aquarium co2 supplies, arctica chillers, and lighting.

Jbj Picotope

Anew experience in nano fish tanks

The ultimate small aquarium biotope! The JBJ Picotope  These small fish tanks are great aquariums that offer everything for the hobbyist who demands state-of-the-art performance in a miniature nano tank at an unbeatable price. This great Picotope tank comes with lighting and a filter  Fer detailed specs be sure to see our main page to the left.

Freshwater and Saltwater

So you think you are ready to try your hand with this Stunning All Glass Aquarium?   This open top tank  makes a great addition to your office, desk kitchen or bedroom.

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